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Luxury Umbrella Stands

Luxury umbrella stands

Luxury Umbrella Stands

Luxury umbrella stands are a must-have for any event. Whether an outdoor wedding or a large, multi-purpose corporate picnic, you need high-quality, affordable stands that will hold up to all the abuse your customers and your guests can dish out. This doesn´t just refer to umbrella damage, either. umbrella stands can encounter everything from theft to extreme weather conditions to, more dangerously, accidents and injuries caused by other patrons or employees.

Stands can also be used for more practical purposes, like setting up tents for backyard BBQs or enjoying the sun with a drink at an outdoor bar.

Quality umbrella stands are essential to keep everyone happy. Depending on the venue, they may be the only protection you have against wind, rain, hail or excessive heat, which can lead to ruined tables and chairs and/or a diminished level of enjoyment for your customers. When it comes to protecting your livelihood, customer satisfaction is absolutely important.

Umbrella stands are available in many different materials and styles. There are cheap metal poles with small, inexpensive umbrellas attached that are suitable for backyard BBQs and other casual gatherings.

However, there are also stylish metal stands with elegant, sophisticated umbrellas that provide ultimate protection when it comes to the wind and other weather elements. The most popular material for umbrella stands is wood because of its durability and lovely appearance, but there are other materials available for those who prefer something a little different.

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Luxury umbrellas can be customized with your company logo or message in a number of unique ways. These messages don´t have to be long and drab – a colorful phrase or logo will suffice. You can even have an umbrella sign painted onto the umbrella itself! Customized umbrellas can also be made to order, so if you have a particular design in mind, talk to your chosen provider.

Customizing a luxury umbrella with your business name can be done relatively easily.

It´s often a simple matter of having an image created on a template, printing out that template, and then filling in the design with markers or paints. After a few hours of preparation, you can then go shopping for umbrellas and poles. Having your logo or company name printed onto the umbrella will allow customers to remember your brand easily when they see it. For added effect, have some customers write their names along with your logo using a pencil or pen.

In addition to advertising, luxury umbrella stands can also double as a wonderful place to display your wares.

A stand with a display area works great for showcasing candles, scented oils, or other specialty items. If you want to use the umbrella as a simple place to display your goods, you can purchase a simple metal plate that holds your wares. This allows you to showcase your wares without having to worry about space management. Whether you choose an umbrella stand with a table top or free standing display, it´s likely that your luxury umbrella stand will end up being a valuable part of your advertising campaign.

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